Stirling Council Manifesto 2017

You can download a PDF copy of our manifesto here.

The Labour Party always has and always will work hard for the people and the communities around Stirling District.  Our vision for Stirling is that everybody should have:

  • A good job
  • A warm home
  • A caring community
  • An excellent education

These are the four core principles that drive everything we do, underpinned by a drive and determination to see equality and opportunity for all.  Labour will always stand up for Stirling.  Labour will always deliver for Stirling.  Labour are the only party with a vision for Stirling’s future and a track record of success in the past.

This is a critical time for Stirling.  Council budgets are under constant attack from an indifferent SNP Government and an uncaring Tory Westminster Government.  By 2021, £47 million pounds will have been lost to Stirling through SNP/Tory austerity.   But we are also on the brink of a once in a generation opportunity; Labour have brokered a City Deal, bringing up to £600 million pounds for jobs and infrastructure in the coming years.

Over the last five years, Labour’s prudent financial management has helped Stirling weather the austerity storm.  We are poorer, but for now, we are in a stable financial position.  Labour have the determination to deliver for Stirling, not lose focus on referendums.

A Labour-led administration will work tirelessly to create good jobs, warm homes, caring communities and excellent education opportunities for all.

If Stirling is Alive With Scotland, then Labour is Alive With Stirling.  We have a vision for Stirling.  In this document, let’s look at how we’re going to get there together.

To download a full copy of our manifesto, click here.

To read other sections of our manifesto online, click on the links below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Jobs & the Economy
  3. Education & Young People
  4. Housing & Utilities
  5. Strengthening Communities
  6. Health & Social Care

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