Chris Kane launches campaign to become Stirling MP, as FT poll moves Labour within 5%

Chris Kane and Labour Activists at Stirling Bridge

Labour candidate, Chris Kane, kicked off the Labour campaign this weekend, as the latest polls confirm the battle for Stirling & Strathallan is narrowing dramatically.  The poll in the Financial Times shows Labour moving within 5% of the SNP, having risen over 20% on their last general election showing.


Labour’s campaign to win Stirling will centre on Labour’s plan to deliver the change that Scotland needs after 14 years of Tory chaos and 17 years of SNP incompetence.

In a speech to Labour activists, Chris set out how Labour will deliver for the local area, which includes:

  • Make work pay, with a New Deal for Working People that will deliver wages that people can actually live on
  • Set up GB Energy, a publicly-owned clean power company, headquartered in Scotland, to cut bills for good and create jobs
  • Deliver economic stability so we can grow our economy and keep mortgages and prices low
  • Cut NHS waiting times by investing in our NHS and funding more appointments in Scotland

After launching the campaign Kane said:

“I am proud to launch my campaign to be the Stirling & Strathallan MP here at Stirling Bridge, the scene of one of Scotland’s most famous battles.  There is once again a real battle for Stirling with all the polls showing that only Labour can beat the SNP here.  The latest FT polling shows that Labour have picked up more than 20% support, and the reception on the doorstep is hugely positive.

“I know that our community deserves better than the past 14 years of Tory decline, but we can also do much better than the policy failures of the SNP.  Speaking to local voters it is clear that they want change, and a government that both delivers and puts local people first. 

“As someone born and raised in Stirling I know we have real challenges, but we also have much to be proud of and to build on in the years ahead.  I want more investment, more world class events, more opportunities and an improving standard of living.   I will continue to work collaboratively across the business, public and third sectors to attract inward investment, create jobs for local people and tackle poverty.  

“This year’s general election is one of the most important in recent history.  Under both the SNP and the Tories, Scots are paying more and getting less.  Change is possible and Labour is ready to deliver, with our plan to make work pay, cut bills, renew public services and strengthen our economy.  

Anas Sarwar, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, said:

“The people of Scotland and the UK are desperate for an election and desperate for change.

“After 14 years of Tory chaos and failure, this is an opportunity that we cannot afford to miss.

“Scotland is crying out for change and that change is only possible with a Labour government led by Keir Starmer that is on the side of working people.

“Voting Scottish Labour means booting out this rotten Tory government, maximising Scotland’s influence with Scottish Labour MPs in government and delivering the change that Scotland needs.

“It’s time for change and Labour is ready to deliver it.”