Stirling Council Manifesto 2017 – Housing & Utilities

We all want a warm, safe, secure home.  But there are not enough of them. Scotland’s housing shortage has turned into a housing crisis under the SNP Government.  But Labour doesn’t turn away from problems; we do all that we can to fix them.  There is much still to do, but in the last five years Labour have:

CREATED 300 new council homes and 114 mid-market rental properties.

WORKED in partnership with Housing Associations to deliver the right properties in the right locations.

ENSURED all communities across the district are included in our house building strategy.

INSISTED that all new homes have been built to the highest energy performance standards, ensuring lower bills for Stirling’s families.

INSULATED existing council homes (and the private homes that need it the most) to reduce bills and alleviate fuel poverty.

INSTALLED 1500 solar panels on council homes, helping tackle fuel poverty.

SECURED the latest stage of the Raploch regeneration, with planning permission granted in 2017 for 400 new homes.

In the next five years we will:

CREATE more council homes in the next five years than we did in the last five years.

ALWAYS consider the changing needs of residents.   We’ll build the homes that are the right size and in the right place.

INVEST in our existing council housing stock to ensure they are warm, safe and secure.

ENSURE tenants are always put first and that landlords live up to their obligations.

MAINTAIN limits on the number of HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) in any one community.

INSIST that the builders we work with treat their employees ethically, pay them properly and support apprenticeship schemes.

CONTINUE our programme of insulating the homes that need it most and work tirelessly to eradicate fuel poverty.

Put PRESSURE on the Scottish Government to overhaul the planning system to put more power in the hands of our local communities, not in the hands of developers or distant government bureaucrats.

We will COMMIT to investigating the creation of a municipal energy company to provide locally produced green energy with lower costs, fixed for longer periods.

We will WORK towards a fast broadband service for ALL communities by 2021.  If practical, internet services should also be delivered municipally.

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