Chris Kane launches campaign to become Stirling MP, as FT poll moves Labour within 5%

Labour candidate, Chris Kane, kicked off the Labour campaign this weekend, as the latest polls confirm the battle for Stirling & Strathallan is narrowing dramatically.  The poll in the Financial Times shows Labour moving within 5% of the SNP, having risen over 20% on their last general election showing.


Labour’s campaign to win Stirling will centre on Labour’s plan to deliver the change that Scotland needs after 14 years of Tory chaos and 17 years of SNP incompetence.

In a speech to Labour activists, Chris set out how Labour will deliver for the local area, which includes:

  • Make work pay, with a New Deal for Working People that will deliver wages that people can actually live on
  • Set up GB Energy, a publicly-owned clean power company, headquartered in Scotland, to cut bills for good and create jobs
  • Deliver economic stability so we can grow our economy and keep mortgages and prices low
  • Cut NHS waiting times by investing in our NHS and funding more appointments in Scotland

After launching the campaign Kane said:

“I am proud to launch my campaign to be the Stirling & Strathallan MP here at Stirling Bridge, the scene of one of Scotland’s most famous battles.  There is once again a real battle for Stirling with all the polls showing that only Labour can beat the SNP here.  The latest FT polling shows that Labour have picked up more than 20% support, and the reception on the doorstep is hugely positive.

“I know that our community deserves better than the past 14 years of Tory decline, but we can also do much better than the policy failures of the SNP.  Speaking to local voters it is clear that they want change, and a government that both delivers and puts local people first. 

“As someone born and raised in Stirling I know we have real challenges, but we also have much to be proud of and to build on in the years ahead.  I want more investment, more world class events, more opportunities and an improving standard of living.   I will continue to work collaboratively across the business, public and third sectors to attract inward investment, create jobs for local people and tackle poverty.  

“This year’s general election is one of the most important in recent history.  Under both the SNP and the Tories, Scots are paying more and getting less.  Change is possible and Labour is ready to deliver, with our plan to make work pay, cut bills, renew public services and strengthen our economy.  

Anas Sarwar, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, said:

“The people of Scotland and the UK are desperate for an election and desperate for change.

“After 14 years of Tory chaos and failure, this is an opportunity that we cannot afford to miss.

“Scotland is crying out for change and that change is only possible with a Labour government led by Keir Starmer that is on the side of working people.

“Voting Scottish Labour means booting out this rotten Tory government, maximising Scotland’s influence with Scottish Labour MPs in government and delivering the change that Scotland needs.

“It’s time for change and Labour is ready to deliver it.”



Chris Kane – your Labour candidate for Stirling & Strathallan

A General Election will be held on 4 July.  Only Labour can kick out the Tories and form a new government.

Voters in Stirling and Strathallan have the chance to have their say on the Tory record, and after the many failings of Johnson, Truss and Sunak, put competency at the heart of government.

A vote for Labour will help deliver the change we need to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and prioritise our public services.

Stirling & Strathallan seat looks to be a fight between Labour and the SNP.  For too long the SNP have prioritised independence before public services.

It’s time for a fresh start, both in Westminster and at Holyrood.

Your Labour Candidate for Stirling and Strathallan is Chris Kane

Chris says,

“Stirling and Strathallan is a great place to live and bring up a family. I’ve always been passionate about improving local services and doing my bit to help the community.”

“There is no better job than working in the community in which you live and grew up and helping make it a better place. Bringing more UK Government funding and jobs here would be my priority as your MP.”

“As Stirling Council Leader I’ve seen the effect of central government cuts on Council budgets and how this affects all of us.  The SNP’s recent Council Tax freeze puts further strain on local services.” 

“It is a time for change, it’s a time for hope and a time for action.  It’s time for Labour!  Vote for change on 4 July. 

Going to be away on 4th July – Click here to find out more about a postal vote (Apply before 19 June).


Chris Kane’s Blog – Billund, Bridges and Back to the Futureworld

  • ‘Embarrassing’ conduct of SNP Stirling Councillors
  • Letter to First Minister on Big Noise funding
  • Councillors from ‘Home of Lego’ visit Stirling
  • A trip back to the Futureworld

All in this week’s update from Stirling Council Leader and Scottish Labour Councillor Chris Kane

By-election Result

My thanks to everyone who came out to vote for Labour’s David Wilson in the Dunblane and Bridge of Allan by-election, and to David for standing up for Labour values and being a fantastic candidate.   Congratulations to Robin Kleinman as the newest member of Stirling Council.  I’ll leave it to others to pore over the data and try to work out patterns and infer thinking and suggest what it means for all the political parties, but Stirling Council is now back up to a full complement of 23 councillors.  All of us must now get on with the job Stirling’s citizens elected us to do – deliver the best local services we can with the money we’ve got, help those who need our help the most and work hard to articulate and deliver an inclusive, fair and prosperous future for everyone.

SNP Councillors ’embarrassing’ behaviour 

The SNP Group of Stirling Councillors have indicated their intention to be ‘in opposition’ to the Labour Minority Administration.  That is their choice but the SNP Councillors conduct at recent meetings is, frankly, embarrassing.  I’ve had Stirling citizens who vote across the political spectrum approach me to say parts of recent council meetings were excruciating to watch.  Don’t take my word for it – have a look at the recordings of the budget meeting and special council meeting and judge for yourself.

Big Noise

Last week I wrote of the funding issues for Stirling Council caused by the First Minister announcing on Twitter of a funding package for Big Noise projects across Scotland.  At the Stirling Council meeting on 9th March, council agreed to ‘ask the Leader of the Council to write to the First Minister to express our regret that (funding) information was not available to all affected councils prior to the budget setting process and to ask for a fair funding arrangement extending the same consideration to Big Noise Stirling as Big Noise Dundee and Big Noise Aberdeen’.  I have now done so, and you can read the letter here.  We’ve still not heard anything either in response to the letter or following up on the First Minister’s Tweet.

Billund Visit

Billund visitors at Codebase in Stirling

Stirling welcomed a delegation of politicians from Billund in Denmark last week for a tour of the Wallace Monument, Codebase and the Reuse Hub in Springkerse.  I was keen to hear of a collaboration between Lego, who are based in Billund, which has seen Billund branded as the Danish ‘Capital of Children.  Billund has an annual Children’s General Assembly and has been designated as a UNICEF Child Friendly City.  I think it’s a great example of a town working to forge its own identity when it could so easily be consumed by an overwhelmingly large and internationally important brand in the area.  By working in partnership with Lego, Billund Council are giving another reason to stay and explore the area while recognising many people will initially be attracted to the area by the theme park.   Stirling is incredibly lucky to have world class heritage attractions, but I think we also have to work hard to show visitors there’s more to our City and our district than monuments and castles.  I hope we can keep in touch and Billund and Stirling can collaborate and learn from each other in the years ahead.

Wallace Monument

My visit to the Wallace Monument marked the first time I’ve climbed the 246 steps to the top in over ten years.  I nearly didn’t set off up the stairs – I do need to lose, ahem, a bit of weight and I was nervous about how difficult I would find the climb.  But I’m glad I did and it reminded me that everything starts with the first step, sometimes metaphorically and sometimes literally.  It is good to get a reminder every now and again and for a while at least I’ll be thinking of how I good I felt making it to the top rather than how apprehensive I was at the bottom.

Stirling Bridge Lights

Congratulations to the Guardians of Scotland Trust for realising an ambition to light up Stirling Bridge.  The bridge lights are a fantastic complement to those that illuminate the Wallace Monument in an array of different colours throughout the year.  Along with looking fantastic, the colours are aligned at different points in the year to mark different occasions and causes.  I recall the monument being lit up during the pandemic in solidarity and celebration of the NHS.  Perhaps the most striking of the colours  on the monument was in support of Stirling’s ‘City of Culture’ Bid last year.  I took this picture from the car park and it reminded me of the logo to the 1980s ‘Future World’ vision for Stirling.


When the plans for Futureworld were unveiled in 1984 they were of a scale rarely seen in Scotland.  I was at primary school at the time but many of the elements were so creative and imaginative that I remember today the excitement I felt about the notion of self-drive cars and technology driven visitor experiences.  The promotional video hosted by Magnus Magnusson is available via the Stirling Smith Youtube channel and it is fascinating to see how the Top Of The Town looked in 1984.  Futureworld was a project of its time, but forty years later I hope we can harness that level of ambition and creative thinking for Stirling’s future.


That’s all this week

That’s it from me this week and I haven’t had space to talk about pedometers for cows – we’ll keep that for next time.

Chris Kane’s blog – by-elections and budgets

In this week’s update from Labour Group Leader Chris Kane:

  • SNP Councillors voting AGAINST reversing budget cuts they’ve spent the week complaining about
  • Dunblane and Bridge of Allan residents – VOTE for David Wilson ON THURSDAY THIS WEEK
  • Labour Councillors put £1.5M into a Community Wealth Building Fund for Stirling

Stirling Councillor Chris KaneI’m going to try and write more regular blogs on what’s been happening at the council.  There’s a huge many things going on and I’ll not get to cover everything, but I’ll try to write about the issues looming large in my mind when I sit down to write it.  This week that’s council budget issues and, unfortunately, the, ahem, regrettable behaviour of the SNP Group and Independent Councillor Alasdair MacPherson.  But first, I’m hugely excited by the possibilities in next week’s Dunblane and Bridge of Allan by-election.

Dunblane and Bridge of Allan residents – vote ‘1’ for Scottish Labour’s David Wilson on Thursday 16th March.

David Wilson 1 and Scottish labour logo


There is a by-election in Dunblane and Bridge of Allan next Thursday 16th and turnout will be key.  If you’re a Labour supporter, your vote could be the difference between electing Labour Candidate David Wilson or an SNP/Tory candidate.  David would be an excellent councillor and you can read more about his story. The political pendulum is swinging back towards Labour.  Less than two weeks ago, Labour won a by-election in Aberdeen which saw SNP voters desert the party and Labour increase vote share from last May. Labour has a real shot in Dunblane and Bridge of Allan – but only with your help.  Vote ‘1’ for David Wilson on Thursday 16th March and elected another strong Labour voice to Stirling Council.

SNP Councillors vote AGAINST reversals to budget cuts

 Stirling Council set its budget before the First Minister announced full funding for ‘Big Noise’ projects, saying on Twitter:

Her announcement came on the back of SNP led councils in Dundee and Aberdeen taking the decision to cut 100% of the funding they provided for projects in their area.  Given Stirling’s long partnership with Big Noise, we felt a 10% cut was appropriate in the current financial climate, but we did award £392,000.

Had we known the Scottish Government were prepared to fund Big Noise projects, we would have taken the opportunity to use this £392,000 to offset difficult decisions in other areas.   So on Thursday 9th, at the full meeting of council, we presented a motion to reverse the cuts listed below.  All SNP councillors, and independent councillor Alasdair Macpherson, voted AGAINST saving these services:

  • No rise in Bridge of Allan allotment charges – SNP against
  • No cut to Smith Art Gallery and Museum budget – SNP against
  • No cut to Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise budget – SNP against
  • No changes to provision at Aberfoyle Nursery – SNP against
  • No changes to provision at Fintry Nursery – SNP against
  • Don’t raise charges for nursery fees – SNP against
  • Reinstate free bulky uplifts for over 60s – SNP against
  • Reinstate Springkerse Park and Ride – SNP against
  • No increase in charges for MECS users – SNP against
  • No reduction in digital inclusion support in libraries – SNP against

I find it difficult to understand how the SNP Councillors can spend all week on social media decrying the decisions of 2nd March, but when presented with an opportunity made possible by an SNP First Minister, they decided NOT to help local organisations and services.  I can’t help wonder if the SNP Councillors, and Cllr Macpherson, are prioritising political point scoring over the financial wellbeing of council services and partner organisations.

It’s not just SNP Councillors …

Stirling MP Alyn Smith and local MSP Keith Brown have been tweeting about increases to Bridge of Allan allotment fees, as has the SNP candidate in the local by-election.  On this particular issue, the SNP Group of Stirling Councillors proposed exactly the same increase in fees to the allotments as the Labour Administration.  The SNP councillors had the chance (see above) to vote to reverse the cut but chose to vote against a Labour proposal.  When the SNP propose a cut, SNP MP Alyn Smith is silent, but when another party proposes it, he is shocked.  Keith Brown is silent on SNP proposals to raise Bridge of Allan allotment fees but happy to retweet an SNP candidate calling the cuts ‘vicious’ and allotment users ‘victims’.  Do Alyn and Keith not care, or not notice, that their SNP councillor colleagues proposed identical cost increases in their budget motion? Or could it be that one narrative suits them better than the other?  Nicola Sturgeon talked about the ‘brutality’ of modern political discourse as part of her consideration in resigning.  The SNP candidate is inexperienced and has a lot to learn, but Keith Brown and Alyn Smith are professionals of whom we should all expect a higher standard.

Community Capacity Fund

The budget decisions around Bridge of Allan Allotments are a good example of a looming, larger problem faced by Stirling Council.

As I’ve said in a previous blog, unless the funding arrangements for councils is overhauled in the coming months not years, then the very survival of councils as we know them today is under threat.  Unfortunately we’ve got to play with the cards we’ve been dealt, so in our budget we’ve created a ‘Community Capacity Fund’ to assist communities in building both the capacity and the resilience to take over the running of council assets such as Community Centres and sports pavilions.   If the council can’t afford to operate these assets, then the alternatives are community transfer, temporary closure (‘mothballing’) or permanent closure.

Braehead Community Garden

In 2013, when I was the chair of Braehead Community Council, we were (one of a few community councils across Scotland) given a grant from the Scottish Government of £10,000 to test a question ahead in the early planning stages of the work on what would become the ‘Community Empowerment Bill’.  The question was ‘does a community council have the capacity to run a council asset within the community’.  This grant gave us the support to work up a further funding application to the Big Lottery which resulted in a £250,000 award to build Braehead Community Garden.  Our answer to the question was, yes, community councils can run community assets but community development trusts are more agile and so we set one up and the garden has been open for seven years and is doing well.

Our ‘community empowerment fund’ will allow us to work with communities to ask similar questions and where capacity does exist and where there is a willingness, we can have conversations about whether the most sustainable future is as a council run or a community run asset.  Where capacity does not exist, just as we did in Braehead, the fund can help build it until an asset transfer conversation is viable.

This is all a key part of ‘Community Wealth Building’, and you can read more about Stirling’s approach to it in this paper that was passed by council this week.


Specifically on allotments, currently the council owns four allotment sites.  Three are self-managed by user management committees and as such are able to run the sites much more cost effectively than the council.  Stirling Council currently spends £9000 per year administering this allotment site and generates £2876 in income.  The option taken in the budget was for ‘full cost recovery’, so council would not make any money from Bridge of Allan increase, but wouldn’t lose money either.  I would encourage the users of the allotments to get together and look to take over this site and run is through a user group – I know the council would actively welcome this and work closely with allotment holders to make this happen.

That’s it for this week

That’s all from me this week – but one final reminder if you live in Dunblane and Bridge of Allan, don’t forget to vote ‘1’ for David Wilson on Thursday 16th March.  If you’re pledged your support to another candidate, you can still support David with your second preference ‘2’ vote.

David Wilson 1 and Scottish labour logo

Stirling Heading for Labour Minority Administration

Chris Kane with vote Scottish labour sign at Stirling CastleIn our first blog, Labour Group Leader Cllr Chris Kane gives an update on what’s been happening since the election on May 5, and what is the likely outcome of negotiations to form an Administration to run Stirling Council.  

I’m delighted to have been returned as a Councillor for Stirling East and I’m grateful to the people of Stirling for electing six Labour Councillors to work hard to improve the quality of life in Stirling.

Labour Minority Administration

At the election, Stirling’s citizens elected 6 Labour, 7 Conservative, 8 SNP, 1 Green and 1 independent councillor.  We have no option but to try and find common ground.

We can do this by Labour forming a Labour Minority Administration to run Stirling Council. After extensive talks we believe we have the support of a majority of Stirling Councillors to achieve it.

Labour’s Political Priorities

Labour’s primary purpose is to deliver on the manifesto commitments we put to the people of Stirling before the election, with a particular focus on addressing the severe cost of living crisis and improving the quality of life for those living in challenging circumstances.  We must also provide local services that meets all of our needs.

Over the coming weeks we will be bringing forward new policies and improving existing ones.

As a minority administration, we know that the SNP and Conservative Groups can vote together against Labour policies. Issue by issue, Labour Councillors have to find common ground with all elected members. We must work hard and we must work with respect.

6 Labour Councillors. 23 Stirling Councillors. 170 Positions To Fill

On Thursday, the Council meets for the first time to appoint councillors to the many committees, public bodies, external organisations and boards we are required to serve on.

There are one hundred and seventy positions to be filled.  A Minority Labour Administration will consist of six Labour Councillors.

We must prioritise.

In the new spirit of finding common ground, we have this week reached out to all councillors to offer the opportunity to serve Stirling in a meaningful way.

Labour Political Leadership

I want to be crystal clear that all political leadership positions will be filled by Labour Councillors.  This includes appointing a Council Leader and Convenors of ALL decision making committees (Finance and Economy, Community Planning and Regeneration, Environment and Housing, Children and Young People).

We will seek to negotiate on an issue by issue basis. There is common ground between Labour and the SNP in Stirling on Labour manifesto commitments to more council housing, tackling poverty, addressing the cost of living crisis and the climate emergency.  There is common ground between Labour and the Conservatives in Stirling on the need to invest in roads maintenance and community sports facilities.   There is common ground between Labour and Green Councillor Tollemache on active travel and protecting our green belt.  There is common ground between Labour and Independent Cllr MacPherson who wants a fair share of resources for the Bannockburn ward.  Just as every councillor does for their ward.

There are, crucially, red lines for the Labour Group and the wider Labour movement which we could never support.  For example, there will be no compulsory redundancies at Stirling Council and there will be no outsourcing of council services under a Labour minority administration.

We are clear this is a Labour minority administration with Labour and Cooperative values at its heart.

Political, Civic, Regulatory, Advisory 

The council has four main areas of operation.  It delivers services and brings about change through political leadership and policies. It leads on Civic life in Stirling and represents Stirling culturally to other areas.  It regulates on issues such as pub licensing and planning.  It works with other public bodies, such as the Police and Fire Services through the Public Safety committee.

While Labour will lead on all political matters, we have offered to support the election of SNP and Conservative convenors to positions such as the Public Safety Committee and Planning Panel.

We spoke with the SNP Group about nominating a Provost and they declined.  We spoke with the Conservative Group and they agreed.  We have offered the Deputy Provost role to Green Councillor Tollemache and await his answer.  We have met with Councillor MacPherson and want to find a way to work with him and look forward to hearing his ideas.

Next Steps 

Stirling needs all of us to step up and work together. I hope all councillors will support this new way forward.

The Labour Group is ready to serve.


Read our “Manifesto for Stirling 2022-2027″

We’re excited to publish our “Manifesto for Stirling 2022-2027”, setting out what Labour Councillors will look to achieve over the next term of Stirling Council.

Download:  Labour manifesto for Stirling 2022 to 2027

Above everything else, Labour Councillors will focus on addressing the Cost of Living crisis and improving our quality of life by providing local services that meet our needs.

Labour Group Leader, Councillor Chris Kane, says,

Chris Kane with vote Scottish labour sign at Stirling Castle“There is a severe cost of living crisis which affects everyone in our communities, cutting the quality of life for most families and dragging more people into severe poverty.  It is Labour’s primary mission to do all we can to lift people and communities out of poverty by using every power we have to improve the lives of those living in challenging circumstances.  We must work hard and work together to build a Stirling which is safe and thriving and offers opportunities for all, with local services that meet our needs and improve our quality of life.  I would encourage everybody to read our Manifesto for Stirling and vote for hard-working Labour councillors on 5th May.”

Stirling Labour’s Manifesto sets out our Priorities for Action in Stirling. It is organised around our key pledges setting out the actions which we will pursue throughout the term of the next Council.  Among the commitments are:

Safe and thriving communities: with good street lighting and safe walking routes, access to libraries, sports facilities and cultural experiences. Well-maintained parks, roads and pathways, allotments and community gardens.

Children and Young People:  access to high quality childcare and schools which are well resourced and give your children the best start in life.

Housing:  affordable new build and regeneration schemes with a focus on modernisation and upgrading, insulation and carbon neutral electricity generation.

Transport:  an integrated transport system for every community that is run for public good and not private profit.

Economic recovery, jobs & regeneration: a strong focus on the recovery of the local economy that will prioritise well-paying secure jobs.  Encourage local job creation. Develop community wealth building strategies.  Promote business models that support wellbeing.  Recognise the contribution of our public sector key workers.

Download a copy of our Manifesto for Stirling:  Labour manifesto for Stirling 2022 to 2027

Our candidates (l-r): Ewan Dillon (Dunblane and Bridge of Allan), Josh Hamilton (Trossachs and Teith), Margaret Brisley (Bannockburn, Chris Kane (Stirling East), Jen Preston (Stirling West), Danny Gibson (Stirling North), Gerry McGarvey (Forth and Endrick
Our candidates (l-r): Ewan Dillon (Dunblane and Bridge of Allan), Josh Hamilton (Trossachs and Teith), Margaret Brisley (Bannockburn, Chris Kane (Stirling East), Jen Preston (Stirling West), Danny Gibson (Stirling North), Gerry McGarvey (Forth and Endrick

Video: Colin and Chris talk community empowerment and rural priorities

In our latest campaign video, Stirling constituency Holyrood candidate Chris Kane and Forth & Endrick council candidate Colin O’Brien get together for a conversation about their commitment to community empowerment and their thoughts on issues relevant to rural Stirlingshire, including the need for investment in roads and affordable housing to refresh village life.

Chris Kane shares family story that demonstrates why we need a strong Labour movement

Stirling Constituency MSP Candidate Chris Kane has shared a story from his family history that demonstrates exactly why we need a strong Labour movement in society.  In a campaign video filmed near his home, Chris said,

‘In 1914, my great grandfather William was at the coalface of the Millhall Pit.  A large boulder fell from the roof, crushing him.  He was taken to the hospital but he died a week later.  He left behind a wife and five children, the oldest of whom was my grandfather.  He had to leave school aged 12 to get a job to support his family.  Everything that troubles me about that story has been addressed by the Labour movement, from the NHS and the welfare state, to the workplace injuries act and many, many other improvements that mean today when you walk into your work, you don’t have to face the fear you may not walk out again.’

‘The Labour movement has always addressed the challenges we face with the tools available to us at the time we are called to act.  As we emerge from this pandemic, we need a National Recovery Plan and only Labour has the track record of delivering on the scale we need. When I walk into parliament, I’ll get to work addressing today’s challenges, not reworking the tired old divisive arguments that have defined our politics for far too long’

You can watch the video below:


Labour’s National Recovery Plan:

Jobs Recovery – guaranteeing a job for every young Scot by investing in a National Training Fund and a Business Restart Fund.

NHS Recovery – funding our NHS to get cancer treatment back on track, improve mental health, and give carers the pay they deserve.

Education Recovery – developing a catch-up plan which invests in schools, and ensures IT support in every Primary and Secondary.

Climate Recovery – investing in green jobs and seizing Scotland’s hosting of COP26 to champion an ambitious Climate justice plan.

Community Recovery – create a community recovery fund to invest in local areas, and make our communities safer and stronger.

Former Provost Colin O’Brien to contest West Stirlingshire by-election

Scottish Labour members in Forth and Endrick have selected former Provost Colin O’Brien to contest the ward by-election on 6th May.  Colin was formerly a Stirling Councillor from 1999-2012 in Forth & Endrick and Provost from 2003-2007.

Colin has lived in Drymen for 36 years and has always played an active role in his local community and across the wider district.  He is a former Depute Convener of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park; former Vice Chair of Mugdock Country Park; former Chairman of the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum; and former board member of Rural Stirling Housing Association.  Colin is a retired High School Headteacher and continues to serve on Stirling Council’s ‘Children and Young People’ Committee, where he is the Church of Scotland representative.   This year Colin retired from his role as one of the Queen’s Deputy Lord Lieutenants for Stirlingshire.

Colin says,

“I regret the circumstances which have caused this by-election.   Despite political differences, Graham Lambie and I worked harmoniously over a number of years.   Now in these uncertain times our community must choose a new elected representative.  I am glad to be able to offer my experience and knowledge to fight again for our important local issues, like increased rural roads spend; imaginative improvements to public transport; a modest supply of affordable homes; another look at the brown bin charge; more support for communities and green issues.  I believe the outcome of this election is wide open and in the end it is the voters who will decide the result.”

Stirling Constituency Labour Chair Mike Robbins says,

‘We’re absolutely delighted that Colin has decided to once again step up to ensure that Forth and Endrick will have a local champion on Stirling Council amplifying the voice for the unique challenges and opportunities across the ward.  Colin is the real deal for Forth and Endrick;  he has an immense track record of success no candidate can come close to matching and he brings a breadth of knowledge on everything from rural housing to education and much more in-between.’

Voters go to the polls in the by-election, and also the Scottish Parliamentary elections, on Thursday 6th May.  Scottish Labour’s candidate in the Holyrood election is Stirling Councillor Chris Kane.

Stirling Labour select local councillor Chris Kane to contest the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election in Stirling

Scottish Labour’s candidate in the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election in Stirling is Chris Kane.  Chris (44) is a ‘Son of the Rock’, having been born in Stirling where is still lives with his wife and two children.

Chris is well known within the constituency where he was a former Stirling Observer columnist and Central FM Breakfast show presenter.  Since 2017, he has been the Scottish Labour Councillor in the Stirling East Ward.

Chris’ route into politics was a community one – he was a community councillor before setting up a Community Development Trust to deliver assets within Braehead and Broomridge, including the hugely successful ‘Braehead Community Garden’.

Chris says,

I was born and raised in the constituency and this is where I’ve chosen to raise my family.   I’m working hard to build stronger communities, tackle inequality and reduce poverty and I’m looking forward to engaging with voters across Stirling between now and the Scottish Parliament election in May.’ 

 ‘As a councillor, I am fed up with the SNP Government running roughshod over our local communities and ripping the heart out of Local Government funding and I want to go to Holyrood to say enough is enough.  I want to do all I can to strengthen and empower Stirling’s many diverse communities and if elected I’ll be a strong local voice at Holyrood and a true champion for everyone across the constituency.  If you want to tackle inequality, reduce poverty and empower local communities, let’s do it together and it starts with a vote for Chris Kane and Scottish Labour in May.’ 

Stirling Constituency Labour Party Chair Mike Robbins says,

Chris has been active in Stirling’s politics for many years, securing resources for his local community as far back as 2013 and, since 2017 as an elected member of Stirling Council, he has protected services we all depend upon.

During this pandemic Chris has continued to work for the benefit of all his constituents. Because of his demonstrated ability, our local party unanimously chose him as our candidate in the May election. I firmly believe the electors of Stirling can put their faith in Chris to deliver on their behalf and together with our entire membership, I look forward to campaigning alongside him to secure a Labour victory in May.’