Scottish Labour select local government worker David Wilson to fight Dunblane and Bridge of Allan by-election

Stirling Council Labour candidate David WilsonStirling Labour have selected Local Government worker David Wilson as their candidate in the Dunblane and Bridge of Allan by-election.   David knows how crucial Local Government is to our communities and our wellbeing.  As an elected Trade Union Officer for UNISON, David also knows how important it is to defend the staff and protect their employment rights that underpin the quality of those services.

David says, ‘I’m delighted to have been selected to stand in this election and if elected I promise to be a listening councillor who will always put the priorities of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan first at the council.  I will work hard to help all residents and ensure a fair share of resources are spent in the ward.  My focus will be on education, the environment, improving our town centres and protecting local services and standing up for workers’ rights.’  

 ‘It is vital that our children receive the best start in life, with more apprenticeships being rolled out to ensure we have the workforce skills to grow our local economy and businesses.  I believe thriving town centres are vital to the wellbeing of local communities and I will engage with all stakeholders to protect and develop the heart of Bridge of Allan and Dunblane.  I believe our environment needs our help, which is why I’ve campaigned for biodiversity in our green spaces and against new incineration plants for household residual waste’. 

David has been active in raising funds for welfare schemes through his trade union and has a focus on helping people who are facing daily challenges with food and fuel poverty.

Stirling Councillor Chris Kane Stirling Council Labour Group Leader Chris Kane says, ‘David has an impressive track record in championing environmental and climate issues, in defending the rights of local government workers and a passionate belief in the need to work hard to improve the life chances for people of all ages.  He will be an excellent addition to the Labour Group on Stirling Council and a true champion for Dunblane and Bridge of Allan.’ 

Away from politics, David is a keen road cyclist and hill walker who supports better access and biodiversity in our green spaces, especially around the Dunblane and Bridge of Allan ward.

You can get in touch with David online at, via twitter @labourstirling and