Stirling Council By Election – Scottish Labour select David Wilson to stand in Dunblane and Bridge of Allan

Stirling Council Labour candidate David WilsonIn the forthcoming Stirling Council By election on 25 January 2024, Dunblane and Bridge of Allan Labour Party members have selected Local Government IT expert David Wilson as their candidate.  David knows how crucial Local Government services are to our communities and wellbeing and that high quality services are vital.

David Wilson says,

The people of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan need a strong voice in the Labour Administration running Stirling Council.  I will be that strong voice for Dunblane and Bridge of Allan and will fight to protect and defend local services for all.’

David added,

It is the declared austerity policy of the Conservative Party, since 2010, to underfund and undermine the ability of local councils to provide services which are vital to the lives of local residents – from all walks of life.

 The SNP have multiplied the attacks on local government services by refusing to pass on even the paltry level of funding they have received from the Conservatives in Westminster.

Our teachers, librarians, street sweepers, care assistants and every other local authority worker are the glue that hold our local services together for people. We need to fight to protect these services and jobs from mismanagement of our finances by a failing SNP government.  After 16 years in power, our services continue to be slashed, year on year while children and communities suffer.

 The people of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan deserve a councillor who will fight for the services they need.  I look forward to offering myself to be that councillor who will fight for the priorities of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan – at all levels of government.’

On 25 January, vote ‘1’ for DAVID WILSON and elect a hard working Labour Councillor for Dunblane & Bridge of Allan

David Wilson 1 and Scottish labour logo

Stirling Council Labour Group Leader, Councillor Chris Kane, says,

David has an impressive track record delivering local services, championing environmental and climate issues and a passionate belief in improving the life chances of people of all ages. He will be an excellent addition to the Labour Group on Stirling Council and a strong voice for Dunblane and Bridge of Allan.’

You can get in touch with David online at, via Twitter @labourstirling and

The by-election was caused by the resignation of a Tory Councillor and will be held on 25th January, 2024.

(Promoted by Sean Austin on behalf of David Wilson, both at ‘Mo Dhachaidh’, Park Avenue, Gartmore, FK8 3RL)