Stirling Council Manifesto 2017 – Jobs & the Economy

We all want a good job with fair pay and fair conditions.  Since coming to lead the Council in 2012, Stirling Labour has worked hard to bring new jobs and opportunities to Stirling.  Stirling Labour has:

SECURED a CITY DEAL and are negotiating with the UK and Scottish Governments to bring upwards of £600 million to the area for jobs and infrastructure.

WELCOMED Codebase, the UK’s largest business tech incubator, to Stirling.

FORGED a partnership with THE ROBERTSON TRUST to create an exciting third sector hub at Forthside.

MADE Stirling Council an accredited Living Wage Employer.

ENCOURAGED Stirling Council’s suppliers to pay the Living Wage.

INTRODUCED 600 hours of pre-school childcare, helping Stirling’s families to make the career decisions that are right for them.  We were the first Council in Scotland to do this.

In the next 5 years, a Labour-led Administration will ensure Stirling is a beacon for the country’s top employers as we seek to bring more and better jobs across the district.  We will:

DELIVER the multi-million pound CITY DEAL and ensure the benefits are felt across every community.

INVEST in a digital infrastructure by rolling out a gigabit internet connection across the city.

CHALLENGE the Scottish Government to introduce minimum guaranteed internet speeds across the district.

SUPPORT the introduction of Business Improvement Districts wherever there is a demand.

INVEST in the shopping precincts around the district to improve the shopping experience.

LEAD THE WAY by ensuring Stirling Council sets the standard we want all organisations to aspire to. We want Stirling to be a Living Wage Region.

PROMOTE Stirling to employers around the world and help them to locate in Stirling.

CHANNEL Stirling Council resources towards supporting the LOCAL economy.

INNOVATE in our thinking to ensure Stirling is prepared for the economic challenges ahead.

CHAMPION ethical business thinking.  From cooperatives, social enterprises and community interest companies, to third sector organisations and community led charities providing existing services in new ways.

WORK towards making Stirling the first GOOD FOOD City in Scotland, helping our farmers and food producers flourish.

  • In 2012 Stirling Labour instructed Stirling Council never to privatise Council run services.  We reaffirm that commitment.
  • We want Stirling to be more than a “must visit” destination;  we want Stirling to be a “must stay” destination with heritage, culture, landscape, tourism and business working hand in hand to ensure visitors stay for a minimum of two nights/three days . We commit to ensuring our cultural and economic policies will be mindful of the concept of A THREE DAY STIRLING.
  • A Labour-led Administration will champion a local economy focused on DIGITAL, ETHICAL, INNOVATION, TOURISM and FOOD.

To download a full copy of our manifesto, click here.

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