Labour candidates urge Stirling’s voters to send the SNP a message that Stirling is AGAINST fracking. 

stacksThe SNP Government has written to community groups to let them know they are considering fracking across Stirling.   The SNP are quietly gathering views ahead of unveiling their fracking strategy by the end of 2017.  Fracking, or the extraction of unconventional oil and gas, involves injecting chemicals at high pressures to break up underground rocks and release the fossil fuels they contain.   Communities and individuals have until 31st May to log onto and tell the SNP not to frack up Stirling.

Stirling East has been identified as one of the areas where fracking is being considered. Chris Kane is standing as a Labour candidate in Stirling East along with Councillor Corrie McChord.  Chris says,

IMGP9304 (1) “Our climate can’t stand another fossil fuel and our communities don’t need the risks associated with fracking.  We need to focus on community led energy schemes.  In my community I’ve been helping lay the groundwork for a District Heating system; cheap, reliable and green heat, warmed in the old mineshafts under our feet.  We’re also looking at a Heat Transfer system;  heating community facilities with the excess heat generated by nearby factories.  I want Stirling to be a beacon for a low carbon future, not blighted by the sight of oil wells and the sound of drilling.”

Since 2012, the environmental policies of Stirling’s Labour-led administration have made Stirling one of greenest in the UK.  Labour have invested in low energy LED streetlights.  Labour are generating power from solar panels on council buildings and council homes.  Labour have helped reduce energy bills by installing insulation measures in council homes and helping the private homes that need it the most.  Labour have ensured Stirling recycles over 55% of its rubbish, one of the highest rates in the country.

The Bannockburn Ward is another of the areas where fracking is being considered.  Councillor Margaret Brisley is standing for reelection in Bannockburn alongside Councillor Violet Weir.  Margaret says,

margaret-brisley“The SNP are cynically putting off announcing their plans until AFTER the council elections.  If the SNP were against fracking, they would have said so by now.  If Nicola Sturgeon wants it, no Stirling SNP Councillor will dare defy her.  We need councillors who will stand up for Stirling, not councillors who won’t even stand up to their own party.  On May 4th, I urge everybody to vote Labour and send a message to the SNP that Stirling is against fracking and for a greener future.” 

Labour want a future built on new, greener technologies.  The SNP are considering a future with fracking.   It’s time fossil fuels went the way of the dinosaurs that created them.