Labour to explore creation of new Municipal Energy Company for Stirling

IMGP0548Stirling Labour’s manifesto will show a commitment to a new municipal energy company to help tackle fuel poverty and to help promote local energy production.   The Labour led administration has already installed 1500 solar panels on council house roofs, helping tenants reduce their annual bills by up to £300.  Labour’s plan would see a new municipal-led organisation look at ways to generate energy through district heating systems and emerging technologies.

In Stirling East, Chris Kane and Corrie McChord are standing for election.  Chris says,

Too much of our household income is spent on heating and that needs to change.  Fuel poverty and fuel security are only going to get worse if we rely on fossil fuels and national grids to generate and deliver our energy.    There are some exciting and innovative energy production methods emerging that can be achieved at community level and we need to support and develop them.  Labour want Stirling’s communities to have cheaper bills with costs fixed for longer periods.  We want profits reinvested in our communities and we want our environment protected.  Stirling Council have the clout and the scale to kick start a local energy revolution and a Labour-led administration would get it done.”  

Under the Labour-led administration, Stirling Council has already invested £8m on solar PV and has committed to invest a further £4.25m over the next two years on installations on another 1200 properties.

In Stirling North, Danny Gibson and Jennifer Preston are standing for election.  Danny says,

If reelected in May, Labour will spend the next six months pursuing a municipal energy company for Stirling.  The SNP will spend the next six months making up their minds on whether to allow fracking under Stirling’s Communities.  Stirling doesn’t need another fossil fuel, but we do need to ensure it is our communities who benefit from the rise of local green energy schemes.  Labour stands for good jobs, warm homes, caring communities and great education.  A municipal energy company will bring jobs, reduce energy bills, see profits reinvested in communities and teach our children that you can put environmental responsibility at the heart of what we do.”

The commitment to a new municipal energy company is part of a range of initiatives being promised by Stirling Labour, who are fielding candidates in all seven wards across Stirling.  Labour have led Stirling Council since 2012.  Elections to Stirling Council are being held on 4th May.  Labour’s full manifesto will be unveiled soon.