Labour values at the heart of Stirling Council’s “Priorities for 2017-2022” Plan

The Labour / SNP Partnership Administration published its “Priorities For Local Government” Document this week, with six key pledges to inform decision making over the next five years.   The document follows in depth negotiations between Labour Councillors and SNP Councillors which has seen all of Labour’s 2017 Local Government manifesto included in the final document.

With commitments to build more social housing and tackle poverty in all its forms, Stirling Council’s priorities are delivering for the many, not the few.

Of particular interest are commitments to create new community ownership solutions for public transport, energy and broadband – ensuring these vital services as delivered to community not commercial priorities.

Stirling Constituency Labour Party Secretary Jennifer Preston says,

IMGP9284 (1)

“Labour’s councillors are delivering on their commitment to put Labour values at the heart of local government during this Administration and it is clear that Labour’s vision and commitments are underpinning and driving the partnership administration. In these difficult times, I am heartened that we have Labour councillors in a position of power on Stirling Council who are prepared to push back against a centralising and austerity driven agenda from Holyrood and Westminster.

Labour Group Leader on Stirling Council, Danny Gibson, says,

IMGP9286 (1)“When we agreed to the partnership administration with the SNP, we did so on the condition that we would work together and as equals.  We are at the heart of decision making, sitting as either a convenor or vice-convenor on all of the council’s decision making committees.  We have outlined a vision for Stirling, which is now enshrined at the heart of what Stirling Council will do over the next four years and I’m looking forward to delivering for the many, not the few, over the coming years.”   

Stirling Council’s priorities were agreed at a full meeting of the council on Thursday 8th December 2017. You can access the document by clicking here.

The six key priorities are:

Priority A

We will look after all of our citizens, from early years through to adulthood, by providing quality education and social care services, to allow our communities to lead their lives to their full potential.

Priority B

We will target all forms of poverty across our communities and mitigate the impact of austerity and welfare cuts on those hit the hardest.

Priority C

We will create more affordable and social housing in all of Stirling’s communities and lead by example as an organisation in setting exceptional standards in building practice, environmental practice, employer practice and tenant relations.

Priority D

We will deliver inclusive economic growth and promote prosperity delivering a City Region Deal and pursuing policies and solutions that encourage high quality, high paying jobs into all of Stirling’s communities.

Priority E

We will develop and implement environment and infrastructure improvements and deliver new ownership and delivery methods around energy generation, public transport and internet access, ensuring profits and series are delivered to community, not commercial priorities.

Priority F

We will commit and coordinate our resources to ensuring Stirling becomes a must visit destination with heritage, culture, environment and economic strategies working hand in hand to encourage tourists to stay for a minimum of three days and three nights.