Chris Kane on TOURISM

The Stirling Observer is publishing a series of statements from General Election candidates on set topics.  Here’s what Chris Kane had to say on TOURISM:

IMGP9304 (1)“Stirling is blessed with world class heritage, a stunning environment and a thriving tourist industry.   Two nearby international airports help bring 15 million tourists each year to Scotland.  686,000 people live within sixty minutes of Stirling.  We need a strategy that maximises both day trippers and tourists.  There is much to be proud about including 500,000 visitors each year visiting Stirling Castle.  Doune Castle has seen a 30% visitor increase thanks to the “Outlander” effect. I want Stirling to be more than a ‘must visit’ destination. I want Stirling to be a ‘must stay’ destination with heritage, culture, landscape, tourism and business working deliver the concept of a ‘three day Stirling’. I want to see cultural and economic policies which revitalise all of Stirling’s communities with more shops and restaurants.  I want all of Stirling’s communities marketed in a joined-up way.   We can achieve great things with the “City Region Deal”.  I’m excited by elements including a new park to rival Falkirk’s Helix, built in the shadow of Stirling Castle.  Stirling is one of the only places in Europe that is built on a river but has very limited interaction with it.  The City Deal promises to change this with an ambitious plan to get us on the water.   We need more events like the Stirling Marathon.  Events that punctuate the year and create a buzz.  Events that bring people.  Events that bring focus.  Events that showcase Stirling’s people as well as its environment.  Events that bring money into our local economy.  Events that enrich our cultural experience.  Events that give one more reason to proclaim this is Stirling and we are proud.  As your MP, I’ll be an Ambassador for all our communities wherever I go.  I’m a proud Son of the Rock and I’ll work hard as your MP to deliver for the many, not the few.”

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