Labour’s Councillor Christine Simpson becomes Provost of Stirling

Stirling West Councillor Christine Simpson was today elected Provost of Stirling Council.  This was a unanimous appointment, supported by all political groups on the council.

Provost Simpson took the Chair and told the Chamber,

IMG_5297“I am very conscious of the great honour you have done me in electing me as Provost.  I want to pay tribute to my predecessors in this post and I hope I can live up to the high standards they have set.  I will do my best to be fair and balanced in this Chamber while promoting healthy debate.  I hope that in turn all Councillors will treat each other and our officers with respect.  These are challenging time and goodwill will be of great importance as we go forward.  Whatever the differences in our political parties nationally, we must always bear in mind that we are here to guide the future of our communities and to further the best interests of our constituents.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”