Vote ‘1’ for Margaret Brisley in Bannockburn and the Eastern Villages

re-elect an experienced hard-working and effective Councillor

I have had the privilege of representing this multi-member ward since 2007. I have always fought to ensure a fair share of resources is allocated to the area. During this time there has been new council housing, two new schools and refurbishment of others, two new community hubs, refurbished Bannockburn library with Maker’s space, improved walking routes, public realm improvements, and road and pavement improvements. With your support I will continue to fight for resources for the ward. I would like to see new community hubs in both Fallin and Plean with improved library services, more road and pavement improvements, a path for walking and cycling between Bannockburn and Cowie, and more investment in our town centres to encourage people to use local facilities.

I have helped many constituents resolve issues with council services. With your support, I promise to continue to be a strong voice on Stirling Council for YOU.

I promise you will never have reason to doubt my integrity or intent. I ask you to put your trust in me to continue to serve Bannockburn, Cowie, Fallin, Plean and Throsk as your Councillor.

Margaret pledges to:

Challenge Rising Living Costs

Council must intervene to ensure incomes are maximized and living cost rises are challenged. Stirling Labour Councillors have already ensured £2 million of extra funding for vulnerable residents in the coming year.

Focus on Education

Resources that match the learning needs of all young people. A secure and supported workforce. Ongoing investment in school buildings and playgrounds.

Defend Local Services

From SNP and Tory Government cuts to local budgets. More staff and better equipment to ensure well maintained roads and pavements, and cleaner streets.

Ensure a fair share of council resources for Bannockburn and the Eastern Villages

Margaret Brisley has a proven track record of delivering results across the Bannockburn ward. Margaret Brisley is on YOUR side.