Get Involved

Labour activists have great fun taking labour messages and labour values out into our communities – and we’d like you to get involved.  We need lots of people with lots of different skills and there are lots of ways you can help:

img_6023-e1454327475811-1024x909Helping at a street stall

Street stalls are a great way to meet people away from their homes and hear what they have to say on a range of issues.  We hosted a street stall outside of the Health Centre in Hillpark recently so we could listen to people’s concerns about the crisis in GP recruitment.  We feed all of the points raised back to our politicians and this in turn helps influence their thinking on a range of issues.

Telephone canvasing 

One of the best ways to find out what people think about their communities in general and the Labour party in particular is to pick up the phone and ask them.  We host regular telephone canvassing sessions in our Viewfield Street Office, or we have contact sheets which allow you to make calls from your own home.  Whether you’ve got ten minutes or two hours, this is a great way to help us gather information in your spare time.

leaflet-1024x736Delivering leaflets

Who needs the gym!  There are over 6000 houses in the Stirling East ward and we want to ensure everybody receives information on the by-election before 1st October.  Over the years we’ve refined the way we approach leafleting and so have divided up all of the streets in Stirling East into manageable chunks.  We’ve prepared bags which contain a map and leaflets and should take two people one hour to deliver – bags are available to collect from our Viewfield Street office and leafleting is generally done on an ad hoc basis when you have time.

doorstep-1024x604Door Knocking

We all want to help change people’s lives for the better.  The best way we have of knowing how well we are doing is to knock on people’s doors and ask them.  We can ask what issues are important to them, we can ask if they know about the by-election and we can ask if they’re voting Labour.  We door knock in teams of 4 or 5 people and if you’ve nervous about approaching doors, you’ll do so with a more experienced campaigner until you see most people are very friendly and happy to talk.

Sharing your skills

The CLP is run entirely by volunteers who passionately believe in Labour values and want to see these values permeate through every community in the UK.  If you’ve got a particular skill – it could be web design, social media, cake baking for fundraisers, running quiz nights, or just about anything – we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch –

The CLP are responsible for choosing candidates to stand for public office – sometimes on our own, sometimes in conjunction with other neighbouring CLPs.

Stirling Council

The Labour Group on Stirling Council consists of eight Labour councillors working hard across the district.  Since 2012, the Labour Group have been part of the administration running Stirling Council.  The next elections for Stirling Council will be in 2017.

Scottish Parliament

The Stirling CLP is responsible for choosing candidates to stand in the Holyrood constituency of STIRLING.  The Stirling CLP is one of eight CLPs who help choose candidates for the Mid Scotland and Fife region.  The next elections for the Scottish Parliament will be in 2021.

UK Parliament

The CLP is responsible for choosing candidates to fight in the Westminster constituency of STIRLING.  The next election for the Westminster Parliament will be in 2020.