Vote ‘1’ for Jen Preston in Stirling West

Jen will always fight for YOU and for Stirling West Priorities

I work as a project manager in the public sector and I’m married to Lawrence, a charity worker.

I first got involved in politics because I was angry about how difficult it was to find good quality, affordable housing. It is too hard, especially for young people just starting out, to find somewhere to live.  We need to build more social housing of the right type in the right places which is energy efficient to keep our bills down.

We also desperately need better public transport in Stirling. In 2022 we should be less reliant on cars but with the bus network being run into the ground by private companies, local buses should be owned locally and put people before profit.

I promise to be a strong voice on Stirling Council for YOU.  I promise you will never have reason to doubt my integrity or intent. I ask you to put your trust in me to represent the Stirling West ward as your Councillor.

“I have known Jen as a colleague in the Labour Party for many years and I know she is passionately committed to Labour values of improving the lives of all our citizens, particularly in these challenging times.  As a Councillor she will be a powerful voice for Stirling West and I urge you to give her your vote.” Christine Simpson, Stirling West Councillor 2012-2022

Jen pledges to:

Challenge Rising Living Costs

Council must intervene to ensure incomes are maximized and living cost rises are challenged. Stirling Labour Councillors have already ensured £2 million of extra funding for vulnerable residents in the coming year.

Focus on Education

Resources that match the learning needs of all young people. A secure and supported workforce. Ongoing investment in school buildings and playgrounds.

Defend Local Services

From SNP and Tory Government cuts to local budgets. More staff and better equipment to ensure well maintained roads and pavements, and cleaner streets.

Ensure a fair share of council resources for Stirling West

Resources are scarce and budgets are tight, but Jen Preston is on YOUR side and will always fight for a fair share of resources for Stirling West Communities