Vote ‘1’ for Gerry McGarvey in Forth and Endrick

Elect Gerry McGarvey:  a community champion with a proven track record

I have lived in West Stirlingshire for over 15 years and am a member of my local community council and a Trustee on my Local Development Trust.

Council services must take adequate consideration of the challenges and opportunities of rural living.  As your councillor, I will ensure that the interests of ALL of Forth and Endrick’s diverse communities are at the forefront of Stirling Council decision making.

I will fight for the resources we need for our roads and our services.  I will champion our local economic needs without compromising our environment. I will ensure planning policies and Local Development Plans are mindful of our needs and our views.

I promise to be a strong voice on Stirling Council for YOU. I promise you will never have reason to doubt my integrity or intent. I ask you to put your trust in me to represent the Forth and Endrick ward.

“I have known Gerry for many years and am sure of his commitment to the people and the communities that make-up our rural ward. Gerry will work hard for EVERYONE in Forth & Endrick.” Colin O’Brien, Former Councillor and Provost

Gerry pledges to:

Focus on Rural Issues

Investment in Rural Roads: More safe cycling and pedestrian routes,  eliminate potholes, better summer traffic management plans and parking

Effective public transport:  ‘We need a publicly supported bus network that puts communities before profits’

Support Rural Housing:  ‘We need more affordable homes for local people to refresh village life’

Sensible waste collection: ‘The brown bin charge needs a second look, we need more recycling and enforcement of fly-tipping rules’

Challenge Rising Living Costs

Council must intervene to ensure incomes are maximized and living cost rises are challenged. Stirling Labour Councillors have already ensured £2 million of extra funding for vulnerable residents in the coming year.

Ensure a fair share of council resources for Forth and Endrick

Resources are scarce and budgets are tight, but Gerry McGarvey is on YOUR side and will always fight for a fair share of resources for Forth and Endrick communities.