Labour Councillors vote for Living Wage rise on Stirling Council

Today, the Labour Group of Stirling Councillors voted to raise the Living Wage at Stirling Council to £8.80 per hour.  This is a slight increase on the rate recommended by the Living Wage Foundation in November, which was £8.75 per hour.

Under the previous Labour-led Administration, Stirling Council became a Living Wage Accredited Employer in 2015.  Every year the Living Wage Foundation sets an hourly rate for accredited employers to pay and gives them six months to make the change.

Labour Councillors voted to introduce the rise immediately and backdate it to the 16th November 2017. The rise was also backed by other political parties on the council.

The Labour Group’s Economy spokesperson, and Convenor of Stirling Council’s Finance & Economy committee, Cllr Margaret Brisley, said,

margaret-brisley“I’m proud that It was a Labour led Administration that ensured Stirling Council became a Living Wage Accredited Employer in 2015.  I’m equally proud that today we’ve voted to ensure that our employees will get slightly more than the Living Wage Foundation’s recommended rate of £8.75 per hour and that we’re not waiting the allowed six months to implement it.  All Stirling Council employees will receive a minimum of £8.80 per hour, backdated to 16th November, ensuring those who need it most will get a little extra in their December pay-packet.”

Click here for more information on the Living Wage Foundation.