Find our more about our #GE17 Candidate Chris Kane

Labour’s candidate for Member of Parliament for the Stirling Constituency at the 2017 General Election is CHRIS KANE

Chris Kane is a Stirling Son of the Rock and has lived in the constituency for most of his life.  He lives in Braehead with his wife and two young children.  Chris is a journalist and marketing consultant.  Chris is currently a Stirling Councillor for the Stirling East Ward. He’s raised over £300,000 for projects in his community and has been tackling important issues around community empowerment, local food production, social isolation and environmental practices.  He’s heavily involved in promoting community led green energy solutions as Chair of Braehead & Broomridge Community Development Trust. Chris is a keen amateur historian and serves as a Trustee for the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and museum.  Away from work and politics, Chris has recently taken up beekeeping after helping establish an apiary at Braehead Community Garden.  Chris wants all of us to have good jobs, warm homes, caring communities, great schools and equality and opportunity for all.

Chris Kane says,

IMGP9304 (1)“Stirling deserves better than an SNP candidate obsessed by a second independence referendum.  A candidate whose two years at Westminster have been completely underwhelming.  Stirling deserves better than a Tory Government hell bent on more austerity and increasingly right wing policies.  The first thing I’ll be obsessing about is creating a world where food banks are unnecessary.  It should shame the SNP and the Tories that there are working families that can’t afford to feed themselves.  This General Election can be the chance for a fresh start under a Labour Government. Labour will stand up for you.  Labour will deliver a better, fairer country where everybody is rewarded properly for a hard day’s work and where a home to rent or buy is affordable. Stirling deserves a local champion who will fight for the many, not the few.  If elected, I’ll always put you first and I will work tirelessly to make you proud.  Stirling deserves nothing less.”

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