The Stirling Observer have been running a series of articles from candidates ahead of the General Election.  Here’s what Chris Kane had to say in the newspaper on the eve of Election Day:

IMGP9304 (1)“Britain needs a government that works for the many not the few. The Tories have spent the past seven years giving the super-rich tax breaks while working families are set to be on average over £1,400 a year worse off. People can’t risk voting Tory, just as they can’t risk can’t risk voting SNP. In 2015, Labour warned that a vote for the SNP would let the Tories get back into Number 10. That’s exactly what happened and now we have the chaos of Brexit and the threat of a second independence referendum. People across Scotland are trapped between two governments with the wrong priorities. A Tory Government intent on a hard Brexit and an SNP Government determined to divide Scotland again with another independence referendum. Only a Labour Government will be a government for the many, not the privileged few. Labour will increase the incomes of working people with a £10 real living wage, we will ban zero hour contracts to ensure people get a fair day’s pay, and we will protect pensioners by guaranteeing the triple lock until 2025. Labour will end the public sector pay cap.  Labour will invest in enforcement of rights at work and empower workers and their trade unions. A Labour Government will bring the railways back into public ownership and use the profits to lower fares and improve services.  Labour will transform our energy systems, investing in new state-of-the-art, low-carbon gas and renewable electricity production.  Labour will deliver universal superfast broadband by 2021 across Scotland, with a focus on rural broadband coverage.  Labour will reregulate the buses and pursue municipal ownership; public transport should run to community not commercial priorities. I’m proud of our manifesto and I would encourage you to read it at  If elected I’ll be a local Labour champion and work every day to make you proud. Tomorrow, vote for the many, not the few.  Vote Labour.”