Your Stirling Councillors

Stirling Labour are represented by four councillors on Stirling Council.  Labour run Stirling Council in partnership with the SNP Group Councillors.

Our Stirling Council manifesto, published ahead of the 2017 Local Authority elections, can be accessed here.

Our Partnership Administration Priorities Document, agreed with the SNP after the 2017 election, can be accessed here.

If you would like to get in touch with any of your Labour councillors, you can contact them via or via the Stirling Council website at

margaret-brisleyMargaret Brisley (Bannockburn Ward)

Convenor of the Finance & Economy Committee

Member of the Education Committee

IMGP9286 (1)Danny Gibson (Stirling North Ward)


Deputy Convenor of the Environment & Housing Committee

IMGP9304 (1)Chris Kane (Stirling East Ward)

Depute Leader of Stirling Council

Convenor of the Community Planning & Regeneration Committee

Deputy Convenor of the Public Safety Committee

christine-simpsonChristine Simpson (Stirling West Ward)

Provost of Stirling Council

Deputy Convenor of the Children & Young People Committee