Vote ‘1’ for Josh Hamilton in Trossachs and Teith

Elect Josh Hamilton:  A fresh, new voice for Trossachs And Teith

I’m a 26 year old retail worker and I’ve lived in Stirling all of my life.

Council services must take adequate consideration of the challenges and opportunities of rural living.  As your Councillor, I will ensure that the interests of ALL of Trossach and Teith’s diverse communities are at the forefront of Council decision making.

I will fight for the resources we need for our roads and our services.  I will champion our local economic needs without compromising our environment. I will ensure planning policies and Local Development Plans are mindful of our need and our views.

I promise to be a strong voice on Stirling Council for YOU.  I promise you will never have reason to doubt my  integrity or intent. I ask you to put your trust in me to represent Trossachs & Teith ward.

“Josh’s enthusiasm and commitment to making a difference to the quality of life in the many communities in our ward is something I welcome and the reason he is getting my vote” Steve Calveley, Gartmore

Josh pledges to:

Focus on Rural Issues

Investment in Rural Roads: More safe cycling and pedestrian routes,  eliminate potholes, better summer traffic management plans and parking

Effective public transport:  ‘We need a publicly supported bus network that puts communities before profits’

Support Rural Housing:  ‘We need more affordable homes for local people to refresh village life’

Sensible waste collection: ‘The brown bin charge needs a second look, we need more recycling and enforcement of fly-tipping rules’

Challenge Rising Living Costs

Council must intervene to ensure incomes are maximized and living cost rises are challenged. Stirling Labour Councillors have already ensured £2 million of extra funding for vulnerable residents in the coming year.

Ensure a fair share of council resources for Trossachs and Teith

Resources are scarce and budgets are tight, but Josh Hamilton is on YOUR side and will always fight for a fair share of resources for Trossachs and Teith communities.