Chris Kane on the CITY DEAL

the Stirling Observer is publishing a series of statements from General Election Candidates on set topics.  Here’s what Chris Kane had to say on the CITY REGION DEAL:

IMGP9304 (1)“Labour priorities are to see skilled jobs, warm homes and vibrant communities across this constituency.  As your Labour MP, I’ll work tirelessly to help realise the potential of the City Region Deal.  It is a once in a generation, truly transformational moment in Stirling’s long and proud history.  By embracing the digital economy as a key element, we are staking our claim to be the centre of this growing economy in Scotland.  I cannot wait to see what potentially world changing apps and programs emerge from the digital business incubator Codebase who have recently moved into Stirling’s Municipal Buildings.   I cannot wait to see all of our children given the opportunity of high paid, highly skilled jobs here at home.  The City Region Deal puts us on the starting line of a green energy revolution. From the tidal power of the River Forth to the geothermic properties of the ground under our feet, we have the natural and human resources to create community owned green energy solutions.  Warm air brought up from the ground to heat our homes instead of burning natural gas.   Greatly reduced fuel bills with prices fixed for decades, helping to reduce fuel poverty, with profits ploughed back into our communities.   With the jobs and new economies will also come visitors, bringing opportunities for tourism growth and more jobs.  As your Labour MP, I’ll work hard to ensure these jobs are well paid and workers are respected.  It is vital that the many, not the few, benefit from the City Region Deal. People from Balfron to Bannockburn need to see the benefits £600 million will bring to them.  As your Labour MP, I’ll ensure the City Region Deal realises its potential so we can continue to say to the world, this is Stirling and we are proud.”  

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